Research Project TU/e - Project 3 'Health' squad

In Collaboration with Elisa van der Maas, Femke Fine & Max Palmans

This research project explored the usability of Wearable Embroidered Actuators (WEA), a new design develop by Bruna Goveia de Rocha to give embodied feedback, placed on the lower back for change of position. To investigate the new context of application, a mixed method study (convergent parallel design) has been set up amongst 20 participants in which the experience of the design has been researched. This is done by making use of questionnaires, video analyses and observations. The results show that the WEA do not encourage people to intuitively adjust position but it is evident that they are clearly felt by the participants. In addition to that the silicon based WEA are perceived as pleasant. This research contributes as being a stepping stone to further research on the usability of WEA on the lower back.

User & Society | Design and Research Processes