Product Communication III

Course Project - Exchange ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

The ‘Dinner Ritual‘ project creates a new and enhanced experience for the ritual of eating dinner. It concludes a collection of two dynamic plates designs together with suiting cutlery. It is a continuation and expansion on a previous conducted project from ‘Designing for the Everyday’.


The concept of the project is to create new dynamic interaction between the designs and its users. Due to their look and feel, the plate designs provoke a new way of exploring how the user eats and plates their food. The organic shape of the plate designs makes for playful interaction between the user and their dinner. Producing the shapes, together with its outside coating and inside engravings, make that each plate is unique in its appearance and therefore also in its interaction.


The wooden cutlery follow the organic forms which are also present in the plate designs. The handles follow the flow of the finger and hand positions when the cutlery is being held.

The interaction between the cutlery and the engravings within the plate designs make for playful interaction. The feel and stimulation of the senses from this interaction makes the experience of eating dinner different and unique each time.


This designs step away from the static plate designs and introduces new dynamic interaction with the plate design and cutlery collection that makes every dinner ritual experience unique.

Creativity & Aesthetics