Packaging Design - Thrombocid Project

Course Project - Exchange ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

In Collaboration with Nils Kamminga, Liam Kelly, & Susanna Tella (ELISAVA)

The challenge for this project was to design a new application cap for the Thrombocid fort packaging, a well-known cream in Spain that improves blood flow, that improves application experiences as well as attract new users.


To get Thrombocid out of the medicine casket into the hands of new (younger) customers, we want to focus on a portable, easy to use and no-mess applicator for travelers. Thrombocid would be valuable for (business) travelers as it gives aid in improving the users health. Especially business travelers are exposed to physical health issues due to their frequency of travelling[1]. This aid in improving the users health will be further enhanced by the shape of the applicator design which focusses on the linear massage application. The Thrombocid with newly added applicator will give a new and efficient experience to loyal customers while also appealing to new users.


The process concluded market research, hands-on product and packaging research of Thrombocid and competitors, pharmacy interviews, expert interview, literature research on target group, elaborate ideation through (group) sketching, and screw cap calculations.


The Final Design concludes a ‘spatula‘ shaped massage applicator with an opening cap and a full tube length body. The Final Design would be fully made out of PP (polypropylene) with different thicknesses throughout the design. The decision to use only one material for the complete design was made to take into account sustainability aspects.

[1] Rundle, A. (2018, 3th May). ”Just How Bad Is Business Travel for Your Health? Here’s the Data.”

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