Squad Creating Everyday Soft things - Coaches Loe Feijs and Chet Bangaru

This Final Bachelor Project did research on the possibilities of agar-based bioplastics in combination with food waste for the usage of packaging design. To add extra value to the bioplastic packaging design, possibilities for communicating brand identity with these materials where discovered.


The goal of this Final Bachelor Project will be to contribute further into the gaining of knowledge and discovering of opportunities/possibilities surrounding the creations of new packaging design through biomaterials, as well as calling for action for more locally and sustainable made packaging design productions and a better end-of-life cycle for new biomaterials.


The final concept consists of a product-oriented Product Service System for local packaging design production where food waste of surrounding restaurants is used as a resource material for the production of agar-based bioplastic packaging design. The packaging is then distributed back to the restaurants that provided the resources. A packaging design prototype is proposed which also considers the use of innovative technologies for communication of brand identity.


Although the project might not be a direct all-problem-solving solution to the socially relevant problems mentioned throughout the report, it strives to offer insights in alternative material uses in combination with food waste and the use of new technologies for packaging design. This way we can add new value to the materials, seen through a marketing as well as through a sustainable point of view.