- Identity & Vision -

Welcome to my portfolio website! My name is Lio Huntjens, I am a Master Industrial Design student at the TU/e. On this site you can see my career development of becoming an Industrial Designer. If you like to get in contact or have any question, you can send me an email or go to my instagram page which you can find at the bottom of this page.




"CLOUD" by Caitlind R.C. Brown & Wayne Garret - Personal picture made during Glow Festival 2013, Eindhoven


'Packaging Design Bauhaus Bottle' Project - Personal picture of final prototype designs. Considering aesthetics of design as well as environmental aspects to develop final prototype.


'Interactive Intelligent Products' Course - Personal picture of project. Using smart technology as a tool to recognize facial expression

Overall, I would like to be a designer that designs for beautiful and meaningful interaction with design aesthetics through the use of innovative technologies. And who focusses on incorporating sustainability aspects through the design process.

I always knew I wanted to do a study where I could be creative. The interactive sculpture “CLOUD” from Caitlind R.C. Brown & Wayne Garret, which was presented during Glow Festival 2013, left quite an impression on me. There was this big crowd all interacting with the product and changing its state of being. This combination of haptic interaction with aesthetics of design has dominated my interest over the past few years of my study. Throughout my projects and courses, my main interests of development lie within the creation of tangible designs. I developed skills within material design, additive manufacturing technologies, programming (haptic) design interactions, and circular design. In future projects, I will focus my development on combining these skills.


Sustainability and the end of life cycle are aspects of design of which I have become more aware off through doing projects such as the ‘Packaging Design’ course as well as through my Final Bachelor Project. Applying these aspects to the design process by looking at the material use and production process have really captured my interest. It reshaped and expanded my identity by applying this new gained knowledge and expertise in the design process. The next step of development within this area would be to conduct a design process which focusses not only on sustainability of the final product, but on the sustainability narrative throughout the whole process.


Flexibility is my strongest trait within a design process and also when working together with other people. This trait is mostly visible during the exploration, ideation and initial research phase due to the freedom of creativity. However, recently I obtained more expertise as a designer within the physical prototype creation, which is something I will be developing further in future projects.




My vision on the future of design is to create novel tangible designs through the use of innovative technologies which address developments within the sustainability narrative and potentially create meaningful haptic interactions.

Tangibility of design, I believe, is very valuable. Making a product tangible brings so much more life and meaning to the design, if done with the intention to enhance the experience of the interaction. In the current reality, many systems and services are being fully digitalized. Therefore I believe that having an emphasis on aesthetics of tangibility in design is very important. Being able to use your own senses to enhance the experience and interaction you have with the design or to enhance the experience and interaction the design creates between multiple users, to me, is very valuable. Furthermore, considering future and forward thinking design, the end of life cycle should be considered and it should fit within a circular economy society. As non-renewable resources cause for environmental concern, design should fit within the sustainable circular framework. Lastly, I believe innovative technologies, ranging from additive manufacturing technologies to AI systems, can be a good means to an end for creating tangibility within design as well as addressing the sustainability narrative.



'Finding design aesthetics  in the city of Barcelona'' - Personal picture made in Barcelona, Spain